Staying Informed on the Latest Developments in the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry is in a constant state of flux, with new laws and regulations continually being passed in states across the US. On February 16th, 2023, Washington State Senate passed a bill to provide equitable criminal and civil protections to qualifying patients and providers who have a valid authorization for the use of medical cannabis. This bill ensures that these individuals are protected from being arrested, prosecuted, or subject to other criminal sanctions or civil consequences for certain violations of state law relating to the use and possession of cannabis.

Additionally, the Georgia House Judiciary Non-Civil Committee approved a bill to allow the issuance of additional medical cannabis business licenses.

Apart from the legal developments, research has shown that high doses of cannabidiol may increase the effects of THC in edible cannabis products. Synthetic cannabinoids are also a growing concern, as they are two to 100 times more potent than THC and their effects are unpredictable and potentially harmful.

At the same time, medical cannabis is becoming increasingly recognized as an effective treatment for many medical conditions. As such, it is important to stay up to date on the latest developments in the cannabis industry and to be aware of the potential risks associated with the use of cannabis. To this end, there are many resources and organizations working to raise awareness and provide education about cannabis use, such as the National Cannabis News, Maine Cannabis Report, and FAU's Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing. Members of the cannabis community can stay informed by subscribing to these sources and staying active in the community by joining organizations and participating in discussions.