Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds in the UK

Cannabis seeds are becoming increasingly popular due to their medical and recreational applications. Whether you are looking for medical or recreational use, it is important to know where to buy cannabis seeds. Knowing the best places to buy cannabis seeds will help ensure that you get the highest quality seeds for the best price.

In this article, we will cover the different options available for purchasing cannabis seeds:

Different types of cannabis seeds

When it comes to cannabis, there are a variety of sources available for purchasing seeds. Cannabis seeds come in various forms, including feminized and auto-flowering varieties. Before buying, it’s important to understand the differences between these various types of cannabis seeds.

  • Feminized: Feminized cannabis seeds are specially bred to produce a higher yield of female plants with potent flowers. Feminized seeds are highly sought after by growers looking for strong yields and top-shelf quality flowers.
  • Auto-flowering: This type of seed was developed specifically for growers who want to flower their crop quickly and easily. Auto-flowering seeds can produce large yield with minimal effort and can be started indoors or outdoors with no need to manage photoperiods or lighting cycles.
  • Regular: Regular cannabis seeds contain both male and female plants and were traditionally used in breeding programs due to providing a mix of traits from the two parent plants when crossed correctly. They are less popular due to requiring more work over the other two types but still make up a significant portion of the market today.

No matter what type of seed you choose, it’s important that you source your cannabis from reputable online resellers or retail outlets. Research any breeder before making an order by reading reviews online or asking questions on forums like Reddit’s “marijuanaenthusiasts” subreddit! It’s also important not to purchase cloned plants as growing clones is illegal in many jurisdictions throughout North America and Europe unless acquired via legal medical marijuana dispensaries or collective gardens; check the laws in your state or country before purchasing cannabis seeds!

Benefits of buying cannabis seeds

Cannabis has become increasingly popular over the years, and purchasing cannabis seeds is an easy way to enjoy the benefits of this versatile plant. Cannabis can be used for medicinal and recreational purposes and buying cannabis seeds has a variety of benefits, such as giving you more control over the quality of your plants, selecting genetics that are most suitable for your environment, breeding new strains, and harvesting an abundant crop.

When you purchase cannabis seeds from a trusted seed bank or dispensary you can rest assured that they will have been checked for quality so that you know what to expect when you grow them. Trusted seed banks also provide detailed information about their strains so that you can select the genetics best suited to your needs. Buying cannabis seeds also allows you to choose from a variety of different strains sourced from all corners of the globe so if you're looking for something unique or exotic there's likely something available.

Another great benefit of purchasing cannabis seeds is the ability to breed your own new strains. By carefully selecting two parent plants with desirable traits, it is possible to create offspring with specific qualities by allowing hybridization between them. This process can be somewhat technical but it unlocks a world of possibilities so if you're looking for something certain in almost any aspect – smell, taste, potency – breeding could be worth trying out.

Lastly purchasing cannabis seeds gives users greater control over when they are harvesting their crop as opposed to buying live plants or clones. Seeds will not mature as quickly as clones which gives growers more time to adjust their environment; this allows them to get more out of their harvest while controlling pests and mold better than with a clone-based system. All in all buying cannabis seeds offers users more control over their entire growing cycle allowing them access to better yields with greater efficiency all around!

Online Retailers

When it comes to buying cannabis seeds, online retailers are a great option. They usually carry a wide selection of seeds from different breeders and growers, so you can easily find the perfect strain for your needs. You can also find great deals on cannabis seeds from online retailers, as they often offer discounts and other incentives. Plus, you can easily compare prices across multiple websites to get the best deal.

List of reputable online retailers

Online retail is becoming increasingly popular when it comes to buying cannabis seeds. In states where the sale of marijuana has been legalized, it is easier to find reputable suppliers of cannabis seeds. There are dozens of online retailers available, both domestic and foreign. It's important to use caution when shopping online to make sure you're getting the best quality product and getting a good deal.

Here is a list of reputable online retailers offering cannabis seeds:

  • i49 USA
  • Humboldt Seed Company
  • Greenpoint Seeds
  • Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds
  • ILGM (I Love Growing Marijuana)
  • True North Seed Bank
  • Seedsman
  • Herbies Seeds
  • MSNL (Marijuana Seed Nerds)
  • Pacific Seed Bank
  • Sunwest Genetics

Tips for buying cannabis seeds online

When buying cannabis seeds online, it is important to do your research in order to make an informed decision. Here are some tips to remember:

  1. Consider the quality and reputation of the seed supplier. Check online reviews, as well as recommendations from friends, growers and other professionals in the industry.
  2. Consider factors such as delivery times, payment options, shipping fees and any additional services offered by the provider.
  3. Read up on the history of each seed strain that is available from a particular website or retailer in order to make an informed decision about which one may be best for you and your growing needs.
  4. Know the laws in your area before placing an order; some websites will only ship seeds to certain countries due to legal restrictions or legislation regarding marijuana cultivation or use of cannabis seeds for any reason (even if it involves non-planting purposes). Ensure that you comply with all state and local laws prior to ordering any products online. Remember that it is your responsibility to know what is permissible regarding cannabis seed cultivation in your area before making a purchase!

Physical Stores

If you are looking for cannabis seeds, one of the best places to consider is a physical store. Physical stores usually offer a wide range of selections, and you may even be able to see the cannabis plants themselves. You will be able to get advice from the staff members on the best strains for your needs, as well as helpful tips on how to grow them. Shopping in a physical store may help you to get better quality seeds and even get discounts or deals that are not available online.

Let's take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of shopping for cannabis seeds in a physical store:

List of physical stores selling cannabis seeds

For those who are looking to purchase cannabis seeds, there is a wide selection of physical stores available. Cannabis seeds can be found in a variety of stores and dispensaries throughout the United States.

Some popular physical stores that sell cannabis seeds include:

  • LivWell – Colorado’s premier medical and recreational marijuana dispensary, LivWell has more than 20 locations throughout the state. They offer high-quality cannabis flower, prerolls, concentrates and edibles. LivWell carries some of the most popular cannabis seed brands including Elev8 Seeds, Garden State Seeds and Bodhi Seeds.
  • Bloom Room – As one of San Francisco’s largest selection of recreational and medicinal cannabis products, Bloom Room carries a wide selection of seed varieties sold in packs. They carry many different strains such as Afghani #1, Blueberry Smoketrain and White Widow by Sensi Seeds.
  • Marijuana Nation – Operating out of California since 2012, Marijuana Nation sells both retail products and services related to excellent quality organic marijuana seeds from around the world that cater to the needs of their clients who range from beginner growers to advanced growers interested in large scale productions. Some popular seed varieties available through Marijuana Nation include Cheese Autoflower by FastBuds and Afghani #1 by The Plug Seedbank.
  • Sunherbal – This California based shop has been providing customers with “the best medicine at an unbeatable value” since 2006 with their top shelf floral products from recognized brands like Connected Cannabis Co., Harvest Company Inc., Premium Jack Herer Genetics (GJP), Greenpointseed Co., Sherbinskisdivesified genetics & many more top shelf Brands! Sunherbal also offers over 15 award winning strains featuring indica & sativa dominant genes from Cookies Fam Genetics R BX2 & Forbidden Fruit Packs as well as select other hybrids & breeding packs they offer on their online shop.

Tips for buying cannabis seeds from a physical store

Buying cannabis seeds from a physical store is becoming an increasingly popular trend, with many establishments now offering cannabis seeds for sale. If you're considering buying from a physical store, there are some tips to help ensure that you have the best possible Cannabis seed buying experience.

  • Research the store before visiting. Look for online reviews and feedback from customers to get an idea of their products and service levels. Make sure that the store has a friendly and knowledgeable staff who can answer questions about their products. Find out if they are always stocked on popular botanical strains, or if they have rotating selections as well. Some stores even provide advisory services to help you find the right strain for your needs.
  • Research the laws in your area before visiting any physical stores selling cannabis seeds – local ordinances can vary a great deal between towns and cities, and you don’t want any surprises when you walk in!
  • Check payment options – make sure that the store accepts payments in whatever form is most convenient for you (cash, debit card etc).
  • Check the return policy – it’s always worth double-checking with customer service about whether or not there is any money back guarantee or exchange policy in case anything goes wrong with your purchase!


After researching this topic thoroughly, we can draw the conclusion that buying cannabis seeds can be tricky, but also very rewarding. There are numerous seed banks to choose from, and many options for payment. Depending on your location, you may have access to different seed banks and stores.

You should always do your research and read reviews before making a purchase. In the end, making an informed decision can go a long way in ensuring you have a great experience:

  • Do your research and read reviews
  • Understand the different seed banks and stores available in your area
  • Make an informed decision

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