Twitter Updates Drugs & Drug Paraphernalia Policy, Welcoming Cannabis Industry

Twitter has announced a major update to its Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia policy, allowing approved cannabis advertisers to target adults in legal jurisdictions in the United States and Canada.[0] The company's new policy, effective immediately, allows for informational and brand-preference cannabis-related content for CBD, THC, and cannabis-related products and services. However, certain restrictions apply, such as targeting users over the age of 21 and in geographical areas where the advertiser is licensed.[1] Advertisers must also accept full responsibility for complying with laws, and they are not permitted to promote or offer the sale of cannabis, except topical (non-ingestible) hemp-derived CBD products containing equal to or less than the 0.3% THC government-set threshold.[1]

The policy shift is a game-changer for the cannabis industry, especially with Twitter now under the control of cannabis-friendly Elon Musk.[0] The change also sets the social media giant apart from other advertising giants like Meta, which bans both CBD and THC ads, and Google, which allows some CBD ads but bans marijuana ads, including instructional content.[1]

Additionally, the relaxation of the policy has been welcomed by the Cannabis Media Council, which is not currently running ads on Twitter but has planned its inaugural campaign.[2] Twitter has set no minimum ad purchases for the cannabis industry and is matching any ad buys before March to boost reach.[2]

The policy shift is a welcome move for cannabis, particularly with the U.S. Senate Committee recently approving a bipartisan marijuana research bill focused on military veterans with PTSD and pain. The pending legislation directs the United States Department of Veterans Affairs to conduct research evaluating the safety and efficacy of cannabis products for veterans suffering from chronic pain and post-traumatic stress.

At the end of last year, the president granted a half dozen additional pardons, including for a handful of people with marijuana or other drug convictions on their records.[3] And with the Minnesota House Education Finance Committee approving a bill that would legalize recreational cannabis, it's clear that the cannabis industry is making steps towards destigmatization and normalization.[4]

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