The US House of Representatives on Wednesday voted to end the requirement that most foreign air trav…

The US House of Representatives on Wednesday voted to end the requirement that most foreign air travelers must be vaccinated against Covid-19.[0] The bill, introduced by the vaccine-skeptical Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY), passed 227 to 201, with seven Democrats crossing party lines to join the GOP in supporting it.[1]

The U.S. Travel Association has strongly supported the removal of vaccine requirements for internationals, noting that the US is the only territory that continues to keep in place such a requirement.[2] The White House has, however, resisted this pressure and said this week that it opposes the GOP bill to eliminate the CDC rule on foreign travelers.[2] [3]

During debate, Rep. Massie said it's illogical to require legal travelers to be vaccinated but not illegal immigrants who are crossing into the U.S. by the millions each year.[3] He listed multiple countries that have already done away with the mandate, including dictatorships like Russia, Syria, and China.

The White House said that it plans to review all relevant policies, including the vaccine requirement, as part of its preparation to end the pandemic public health emergency.[4] It added that any termination or modification of this policy should be guided by science.[5]

It is highly improbable that the measure will reach the voting stage in the Senate, which is controlled by the Democrats.[3] President Biden has announced that he is ending the national COVID emergency in May, and related policies such as the vaccine requirements for visitors are expected to be re-evaluated then.[6]

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