Prp Therapy Thousand Oaks

Prp Therapy Thousand Oaks

If you've been an active individual for a long time, you've probably already seen the downsides. Injuries are common when practicing a high-intensity sport, just as they are part of an active lifestyle altogether. Walter A. Thomas MD has the answer to your problems.

While most sports-related accidents are mild, some may cause serious damage with long-term side-effects. Conventional treatments usually include medication, physical therapy recovery or even surgery in the more severe cases. We offer you our revolutionary PRP therapy in Thousand Oaks as the ideal choice in case you want fast results, without any immediate or long-term fallout.

The problems with procedures like medication and surgical interventions come in the form of side-effects. Aside from obligatory short-term side-effects, medication may also induce long-term dependency, when used as a form of pain management. The PRP therapy will eliminate these problems due to the nature of the procedure.

How does PRP work?

PRP stands for Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy, and it consists of three stages:

Stage 1: Blood extraction – During the first stage, the clinician will extract approximately half an ounce of your own blood. We will use no other substance or chemical in the process. Because the procedure relies on using the patient's own blood, the risk of side-effects is virtually non-existent.

Stage 2: Centrifugation and platelet extraction – The blood sample goes into a special centrifuge, which will spin it throughout several minutes. The purpose is to separate the blood components and isolate the thrombocytes (platelets) from the leukocytes and erythrocytes. This is the core procedure of the PRP therapy in Thousand Oaks that allows the doctor to obtain a highly concentrated platelet solution, ready for use.

Stage 3: Platelet injection – The platelet-rich solution goes back into the body, as the clinician will inject it in the affected area. The surge of platelets will activate the body's natural regenerative mechanism, healing of the damaged tissue and improving the collagen production.

Aftercare and long-term follow-up

PRP does not perform miracles. Although it's highly effective at delivering long-term benefits, it does have its limitations. In the more severe cases of injury or advanced chronic conditions, PRP may be insufficient, and you may require additional care and support. During the recovery period, you'll remain in contact with our clinician, continually providing updates on your status and progress.

If needed, you may need to repeat the procedure, according to your doctor's recommendations. The PRP therapy in Thousand Oaks is almost pain-free, with only mild and temporary side-effects like redness, some local pain, and inflammation. The benefits are extensive, as the procedure is effective in dealing with a variety of problems like osteoarthritis, tennis elbow, muscle tears, plantar fasciitis, etc.

If you wish to get extended information about our procedure and its benefits, don't hesitate to go online and schedule a consultation. It's better to have our doctor investigate your status in person. Walter A. Thomas MD is here to make your life a bit easier. And it all begins at our clinic in Thousand Oaks.

Prp Therapy Thousand Oaks

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Prp Therapy Thousand Oaks

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