Medical Cannabis Program Established as 2023 Legalization Push Continues

Since 2000, medical cannabis has been legalized in Hawaii and, with the new pro-adult-use Governor Josh Green in office, a series of legalization bills are likely to pass.[0] In Minnesota, a pair of House and Senate committees have approved legislation to legalize marijuana for adult use, while the executive director at the time saw 13 more states legalize the adult use of marijuana and the US House of Representatives voting twice to repeal federal cannabis prohibition.[1]

In Oklahoma, however, a ballot initiative to legalize cannabis failed in early March with 62 percent of the vote.[0] The push to expand domestic cannabis legalization in 2023 is far from over.[0]

In New York City, the first recreational marijuana dispensary opened its doors in December of 2022.[2] Governor Tim Walz released a biennial budget request including proposed funding to implement marijuana legalization and expungements, and made projections about the millions of dollars in cannabis tax revenue that his office estimates the state will earn after the reform is enacted.[3] The bill permits on-site consumption permits for events, and cannabis delivery services.[4]

The Medical Cannabis Program has been established to protect medical cannabis patients, and news, updates and information are available from various sources including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.[5]

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