Legalization of Cannabis Continues to Spark Debate in US and Germany

As more states legalize cannabis for recreational and medical use, a recent study has estimated that 18% of US adults used marijuana in 2019. This trend has been accompanied by a drop in teen marijuana use, as more states are seeing the economic benefits of legalizing cannabis.

Missouri is the latest state to legalize recreational marijuana, joining New York City in taking the brave steps to open a legal dispensary. Legally Rooted, located on 6th Street, opened its doors in January 2021, becoming the first dispensary to open in the Queen City.[0]

However, the German government’s plans to legalize cannabis have been met with opposition. According to Bernhard Wegener, holder of the Chair of Public Law and European Law at the Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen, the marijuana legalization plan “contradicts international and European law”. The scientific paper presented in Munich on Wednesday states that the cannabis legalization planned by the federal government ignores the limits of national drug policy under international and European law.

The LA County Office of Cannabis Management is now inviting the public to join an upcoming community meeting to help determine what an equitable cannabis industry looks like.[1] Residents and stakeholders have raised concerns about the dispensary, which will be addressed at the meeting.

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