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Ilgm Seed


ILGM, or “I Love Growing Marijuana,” is a top-notch seedbank for cannabis. There's an abundance of strains to pick from – over one hundred! ILGM is dedicated to delivering fine cannabis seeds. Let's learn more about this seedbank and the seeds they provide.

Overview of ILGM Seeds

ILGM Seeds is renowned as one of the best seed banks. It offers a wide range of cannabis seeds, from feminized to regular. ILGM stands for I Love Growing Marijuana and it has been in business since 2012. Many customers endorse its quality, customer service, speedy shipping and on-time deliveries.

You can find popular strains like White Widow, Original Amnesia Haze, Northern Lights and Gorilla Glue #4 here. Plus, there are rarer varieties like Blue Dream and Sour Diesel in their elite line. For the daring, ILGM also offers landrace strains such as Nepal Jamperu and Aceh Super Chilli.

ILGM also offers sampler packs. These are categorized according to needs or desired effects like “High Yielding Seeds” or “Seeds for Beginners”. Sampler packs are ideal for inexperienced growers. ILGM has something for everyone – from wild landrace hybrids to frosty connoisseur buds.

Benefits of ILGM Seeds

ILGM stands for I Love Growing Marijuana. It is famous for its comprehensive guides about marijuana and cannabis cultivation. For two decades, ILGM has created a reliable network that produces exceptional cannabis genetics. They provide a lot of strains with top-notch, strong seeds of feminized, auto-flowering, and regular marijuana types on their website.

ILGM ensures that you get the best cannabis seeds. Their seeds are perfect for both indoor and outdoor growing. They have access to breeders from around the globe who breed special strains with unusual traits that give various advantages when growing marijuana or cannabis plants. These outdoor-adapted varieties come from wild-strains in various places with select genetics collections from other areas of the world.

The benefits of ILGM Seeds include:

  • High Quality Genetics: ILGM offers premium seed varieties which give stronger vegetative growth, and produce good yields with great health and flavors compared to low-grade seed supplier's products.
  • Unique Cannabis Varieties: They have many superb strains such as White Widow, Gorilla Glue #4 Strawberry Cough, Amnesia Haze Autoflower Widow auto flower, Sour Diesel feminized, and more unique marijuana varieties.
  • High Germination Success Rates: To make sure germination success under optimal conditions; ILGM guarantees germination rates on all orders sent worldwide at an unbeatable price range.
  • Excellent Customer Service: The customer service team at ILGM are well-informed and ready to answer any questions related to growing marijuana or buying weed seeds online to get you started quickly!

Types of Seeds

Ilgm Seed is a seed bank that provides a plethora of cannabis seeds! These can be divided into three categories: regular, feminized, and autoflowering. Each seed type has different advantages and disadvantages. Let's take a closer look at each type!

  • Regular seeds are versatile and can produce male or female plants.
  • Feminized seeds only yield female plants,
  • while autoflowering seeds flower automatically.

Learn more about these seeds and find out the best way to cultivate them!

Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering seeds are a special cannabis variety. They've been bred with the gene for flowering without the need for fewer daylight hours. Growing cannabis with autoflowering seeds is easy, especially in places with shorter days. Best of all, they don't rely on day length reduction to flower.

Plant growth from autoflowering seeds happen quickly. For example, Lowryder can be ready for harvest just 8-9 weeks after germination. Autos are usually smaller than photoperiod plants, making them great for stealthy grows. Also, they start flowering 2-3 weeks after sprouting, and are ready for harvest about 6 weeks later. That's usually 8-10 weeks from germination.

Autoflowers have more vigorous growth rates from their Ruderalis genetics. Growers can expect fast-producing quality cannabis in a short time. No need to wait 10+ weeks for harvest!

Feminized Seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds are created to produce only female plants. These plants are the ones that offer buds, flowers, and resin of the same potency as regular seeds. However, they cannot be used for breeding.

These seeds remove the need to identify and discard male plants. This is beneficial for commercial growers as labor costs are lower. Backyard growers also benefit as they don't have to dedicate space or resources on male plants that are not used.

Feminized seed genetics are more reliable when using chosen females. Traditional strains have the potential to have males, hermaphrodites, or regular types. This can cause inconsistencies in the end product quality. For example, Northern Lights strains may have three different phenotypes, but a cross with a Skunk can create different intensities of Indica and Sativa qualities. Feminized seeds reduce this variability and create more consistent results across cultivation cycles.

Feminized technology lets producers grow specific varieties for targeted end products. This leads to reliable yields that cannot be achieved with traditional genetics alone. Controlled environment conditions are necessary to ensure proper growth and production.

Regular Seeds

Regular seeds are cannabis seeds that haven't been changed. They usually have an even split of male and female genetics. So, it's not easy to tell which type of plant it will grow into. These are the best seeds for home-growers and small-scale gardeners.

When growing with regular seeds, you'll get flowers and male pollen sacs. The pollen sacs can be used for future crosses or given to other growers. Males are also useful if you need more clones or cuttings since each has 50% of its genetics from its mother plant.

Experienced breeders love regular cannabis seeds. They make genetic crosses easier. You can select traits to create a brand new strain, instead of relying on stabilized hybrids from feminized seed sources.

Regular seeds give gardeners more control over the end product. Breeders have used traditional breeding techniques for thousands of years. Cross-breeding two distinct varieties produces a range of interesting offspring with complex genetics!

Popular Strains

Ilgm seed is renowned for supplying some of the most well-liked cannabis strains. Varieties vary from Sativa to Indica and back, with some hybrids in between.

Different marijuana strains can have varying results. Many growers rely on Ilgm seed to acquire the strains they desire.

Let's explore some of the premier strains from Ilgm seed:

White Widow

White Widow is a legendary hybrid! It stands out for its resinous and compact buds covered in a unique white coating. Developed in the Netherlands in the 1990s, it's the backbone of other iconic strains like White Russian, White Rhino, and Blue Widow. So expect lots of trichomes and resin!

White Widow's effect is strong and long-lasting. Its THC content ranges from 18% to 26%, giving it a great balance between physical relaxation and mental stimulation. And its aroma is noteworthy too- with sweet notes of pine, earthiness and spicy peppers.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a favorite among cannabis connoisseurs for its amazing flavor, aroma, and potency. Humbolt Seed Organization created this Sativa-dominant hybrid from Blueberry Indica and Sativa Haze. Blue Dream has a sweet berry taste with skunky earthiness.

This strain has a balanced high with full-body relaxation and mental clarity. THC levels range from 17-24%, making it one of the strongest varieties. It can be enjoyed by both experienced smokers and newbies.

Blue Dream is great for mental health issues like stress and depression. It also relieves physical pain without couch-locking sedation.

OG Kush

OG Kush is a famous Cannabis Indica strain. It's from Florida but now found on the West Coast of the USA. OG stands for “Originals of Gardening”. It's one of the first strains to be grown recently. This strain has a strong, long-lasting high. There's an earthy, musty aroma with strong spice notes. It's used to treat depression, stress, and other conditions. Its dense buds have a pungent smell that fills any room with its unique flavor. OG Kush is sought after by many connoisseurs. It gives exceptional relaxation and reduces fatigue or pain. Due to its potency, experienced smokers should use it. Newbies may find it overwhelming.

OG Kush has 18-27% THC. It can be in forms like wax, edibles, flower bud. You can consume it through smoking or vaping.

Growing Tips

Grow weed with Ilgm seeds! It's a great experience. Planning, attention to detail and suitable conditions are key. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Germinate the seeds correctly.
  • Adjust the grow environment so your Ilgm seeds thrive!

These tips will help you make the most of them.

Select a Suitable Growing Medium

Choosing the right growing medium is a must for successful cannabis growth. Depending on their preference, growers can pick between different soils such as loam or clay-based mixes. Hydro systems use inert materials designed to hold moisture, helping growers mimic natural processes for bigger yields.

Soil-Based Growing Mediums: Soils provide benefits compared to other growing mediums. They can absorb and retain humidity, encouraging plants to uptake moisture from the environment. Fine texture soils like potting mix work best, since they hold water better. Loam or clay-based soils are preferred by some growers, since they naturally have more resources for cannabis plants.

Hydroponics: For hydroponic systems, pick a medium that provides good drainage and encourages healthy root development. Common inert materials used are perlite and coco-coir (coconut husk fibers). These have been proven to be ideal for larger yields with minimal maintenance.

Choose the Right Lighting

Lighting is key for a successful grow. Different cannabis varieties have different light preferences. When choosing a light, some criteria should be kept in mind:

  • Intensity must penetrate the canopy (foliage and buds). Intensity is measured in lumens/lux and can depend on strain type and age. Consider coverage area – how many plants can benefit? Calculate overlap if more than one light source.
  • LED lights are often preferred due to longevity and efficiency. But HPS lights may offer higher yield. Choice depends on resources and preference.
  • Plants need 12-18 hours exposure each day. Set up lighting system accordingly. Use timer if needed to ensure correct hours per plant.

Monitor the Temperature and Humidity

Growing cannabis successfully needs you to watch the temperature and humidity of the grower's space. Perfect temperatures are from 65-80°F and perfect humidity is between 45-65%. Too much or too little humidity can stop air flow and cause rotting or pests.

Monitoring the temp is important for keeping plants alive. When starting seeds or cuttings, 78°F (25°C) is best. Veg should stay between 75°F (24°C) & 86°F (30°C). During flowering, the mid 70sF (20-23 °C) is best.

Checking humidity helps air flow in the garden. Some strains like Afghani prefer dryer climates. During seedling, humidity should be 70-90%. Vegetation is 60-80%, and flower 40%-60%. High moisture levels can cause root rot or powdery mildew. Low levels can make the plant vulnerable to pests. Hygrometers can track sudden changes in moisture levels.


ILGM seeds are a dependable and cheap way to get quality cannabis seeds. ILGM has a huge selection, so you can pick the perfect strain for what you need. Plus, their service is superb and deliveries arrive fast.

In conclusion, ILGM is great for getting your marijuana seed requirements taken care of.

Summary of ILGM Seeds

ILGM (International Legal Marijuana Standard) is a seed seller that specializes in quality, disease-resistant, terpene-rich cannabis. They have more than 100 varieties of marijuana, including auto-flowering and feminized/non-feminized seeds. These two categories may differ in terms of discovery times and yields.

In addition to their extensive selection, ILGM offers many helpful resources for growers of all levels. These include tutorials on germination, transplantation and irrigation methods. With their expertise, top-notch genetics and great prices, ILGM Seeds is the best choice for cannabis lovers looking for leading-edge varieties at exceptional values.

Benefits of Growing with ILGM Seeds

ILGM (I Love Growing Marijuana) is a go-to for premium seed selection. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced grower, ILGM has something for you. Here are four benefits of growing with ILGM marijuana seeds:

  1. High-Quality Genetics: ILGM's seeds are bred in-house and come from the finest genetics. Popular strains like White Widow, AK47 and Northern Lights are sure to give you a great yield.
  2. Guaranteed Germination: Every seed is guaranteed to germinate, or you get a free replacement or refund. This ensures that every seed produces high-quality plants and flowers.
  3. Discreet Shipping: Your package arrives without any hint of its contents. Privacy is guaranteed by ILGM.
  4. Price Match Guarantee: If you find the same strain at a lower price (including shipping) elsewhere, ILGM will match it! This makes premium quality marijuana accessible for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is ILGM Seed?

ILGM Seed is a seed bank that offers high-quality cannabis seeds to growers worldwide.

2. Does ILGM Seed ship worldwide?

Yes, ILGM Seed ships cannabis seeds worldwide. However, the company recommends that customers research their local laws before placing an order.

3. What types of cannabis seeds does ILGM Seed offer?

ILGM Seed offers a wide variety of cannabis seeds, including feminized, autoflower, regular, high-CBD, and medical strains.

4. Are ILGM Seed's cannabis seeds of high quality?

Yes, ILGM Seed's cannabis seeds are of high quality. The company ensures that all its seeds are tested before packaging and shipping.

5. Are there any discounts offered on ILGM Seed's cannabis seeds?

Yes, there are many discounts and promotions offered by ILGM Seed, including free seeds with every order and bulk discounts on large orders.

6. How can I contact ILGM Seed if I have any questions or concerns?

You can contact ILGM Seed by email, phone, or live chat, which are all available on the company's website.

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“acceptedAnswer”: {
“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “ILGM Seed is a seed bank that offers high-quality cannabis seeds to growers worldwide.”
“@type”: “Question”,
“name”: “Does ILGM Seed ship worldwide?”,
“acceptedAnswer”: {
“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “Yes, ILGM Seed ships cannabis seeds worldwide. However, the company recommends that customers research their local laws before placing an order.”
“@type”: “Question”,
“name”: “What types of cannabis seeds does ILGM Seed offer?”,
“acceptedAnswer”: {
“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “ILGM Seed offers a wide variety of cannabis seeds, including feminized, autoflower, regular, high-CBD, and medical strains.”
“@type”: “Question”,
“name”: “Are ILGM Seed's cannabis seeds of high quality?”,
“acceptedAnswer”: {
“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “Yes, ILGM Seed's cannabis seeds are of high quality. The company ensures that all its seeds are tested before packaging and shipping.”
“@type”: “Question”,
“name”: “Are there any discounts offered on ILGM Seed's cannabis seeds?”,
“acceptedAnswer”: {
“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “Yes, there are many discounts and promotions offered by ILGM Seed, including free seeds with every order and bulk discounts on large orders.”
“@type”: “Question”,
“name”: “How can I contact ILGM Seed if I have any questions or concerns?”,
“acceptedAnswer”: {
“@type”: “Answer”,
“text”: “You can contact ILGM Seed by email, phone, or live chat, which are all available on the company's website.”
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