Growing Thai Stick Seeds for a Superior Indoor Harvest

Thai stick cannabis is a rare, old-school strain of Sativa. The original cultivators crossed a landrace from Thailand and an Afghani hybrid, creating a powerful and unique strain with a distinct flavor and aroma. While the original strain was hard to find, nowadays Thai stick is available as a feminized seed.

Originally, the only way to access this strain was through the famous “thai sticks”. As those were handcrafted buds, they were highly sought after and very hard to come by. Nowadays, thanks to Thai stick seeds, anyone can grow their own crop of this strain in the comfort of their own home.

What Makes Thai Stick so Special?

Thai stick is a high-THC strain that provides an uplifting, cerebral effect that is perfect for recreational or medicinal use. It has a high yield and a delightful taste and aroma comparable to musky lemons. Its buds are particularly dense and full of resin, making it the ideal strain for hash.

Although it originated in Thailand, Thai stick is a Sativa-dominant strain that grows tall if allowed to do so. With proper care and attention, indoor growers can expect to harvest up to 450g/m² of top-shelf cannabis.

Choosing the Right Seeds

When looking for Thai stick seeds, make sure you select feminized seeds. Male plants produce pollen that reduces the potency and yields of your final product. Feminized seeds will ensure that all of your plants are female, thus maximizing your yields.

Also bear in mind that while this strain doesn’t require too much effort and attention, investing some extra time into its cultivation will be rewarded with a better harvest. Make sure to choose a reliable breeder and read reviews on their products before ordering.

Growing Indoors

The best place to grow Thai stick is inside, as the strain does not enjoy cold temperatures. Also, when grown indoors, growers have more control over various factors that affect the quality of the final result.

These plants don’t need too much space, but they do need plenty of light. Paired with enough airflow, lighting with either HPS (high pressure sodium) or LED lights should be sufficient. Watering should be done often and regularly, especially during flowering.

In terms of nutrients, these plants need a nutrient-rich diet throughout the entire growth cycle. When transitioning from vegetation to flowering, growers may use products to boost bud production. Foliar spraying with essential oils can also help to increase yields.

Harvesting Time

These plants usually flower within 8-10 weeks, depending on the breed and the environment in which they are situated. During the flowering period, keep an eye out for the trichomes. Once they become cloudy, the buds should be ready for harvesting.

It is advisable to start with a lower humidity level – around 60% RH – and raise it as the plants get closer to harvest. This will give the flowers time to mature fully. If the humidity level is raised too soon, the plants won’t reach maximum potential.

Final Words

Growing Thai stick seeds can be a fun and rewarding experience. While this strain requires some attention and care, with the right set of skills and dedication, it should reward you with a potent, flavorful and aromatic harvest.

If you want to try your hand at cultivating this rare and unique strain, don’t hesitate to order some Thai stick seeds from a reputable seedbank. You won’t regret it!