Get High On Life With Gelato Weed Strain: The Ultimate Review!

Whassup ya'll! It's your boy Snoop Dog here comin' atcha with the ultimate review. Now, if you're like me and always tryin' to get high on life, then this article is gonna take you up even higher. Gelato weed strain – it's been around for a minute but it's just now startin' to blow up in popularity, so I'm breakin' down everything there is to know about it.

This strain has got some serious properties that make it stand out from the rest of 'em. Not only does it have a unique flavor profile, but its effects are long-lasting and super strong. Plus, I'm talkin' about mind-altering effects that can set you free as you explore new heights of joy and bliss.

What more could you ask for? You ready to get lifted? Well hold onto your hats because we're diving into the world of Gelato Weed Strain: The Ultimate Review!

What Is Gelato?

What's up, ya'll? Let me tell you 'bout this Gelato strain – it's the shiznit! First of all, what is Gelato? Well, it's a hybrid cannabis strain that comes from two legendary strains: the indica Sunset Sherbet and the sativa Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. It got its name from its flavor profile which tastes like sweet sherbet with fruity blueberry and orange flavors. This bud has an amazing aroma – a mix of earthy nutty scent combined with a sweet berry overtone. Ah man, when I light up some Gelato it just takes me away! In terms of THC levels, they can range anywhere between 15-25%. On average though, you're looking at around 18-19% THC content. As for CBD levels, most tests show amounts ranging from 0.09%-0.2%, making Gelato a great choice for those who want to experience the psychoactivity without getting too overwhelmed by it. Now that we know about the genetics, let's move on and take a look into the history behind this unique strain…

History Of The Gelato Strain

Ayy, yo I'ma take us back to the beginning and tell you 'bout the history of this Gelato weed strain. Now if ya don't know, it's a real popular one that got its start in California – like most good stuff does. It comes from parent strains Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet which were bred together by Cookie Fam Genetics. So now we know where it came from, but let me get into how it all developed.

Gelato was introduced in 2017 when Cookie Fam released seeds for sale on their website, so they wanted folks to be able to grow it themselves. From there things started poppin' off! After being sold as clones on dispensary shelves across Cali, growers began getting seriously interested and seed companies started selling packs of Gelato genetics too.

The cross between Thin Mint GSC and Sunset Sherbet created an amazing balance of indica effects with sativa flavor profiles – something that caught everyone’s attention right away. But what really set Gelato apart is its incredible terpene profile resulting in a sweet smell n taste with hints of fruitiness combined with herbal notes comin' through on exhale. The combination made this new strain instantly recognizable among users everywhere lookin' for somethin' special outta their bud experience.

Nowadays people love trying different varieties of Gelato because breeders have been working hard at creating their own versions – some with higher THC percentages than others or more intense aromas – just to name a few examples. That's why when you go looking for your next bag o' bud, keep your mind open cuz chances are there's gonna be somethin' unique waitin' around every corner!

Genetics And Cultivation Details

Aye, you ain't gonna believe the genetics and cultivation details I'm 'bout to drop on ya. Gelato weed strain is a hybrid of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet – two heavyweights in their own right! It's got potent effects that make it popular with tokers around tha world. The origin of this strain? Well, it comes from California but don’t expect too many specifics as no one knows exactly who bred it.

Gelato delivers some serious THC levels, ranging between 20-25%. So if ya wanna get real high off life with this stuff, know what yer getting into first! With such strong psychoactive effects, use caution when indulging or risk finding yourself too far lost in your thoughts.

But let me tell ya somethin' else about this bud: its buds are dense and frosty green with purple hues throughout. And although there ain't much information available on how ta cultivate it properly at home, those who've tried swear by its potency and flavor. A true champion for sure!

Now onto the aroma and flavor profile…

Aroma And Flavor Profile

Yo, now we're talkin' about the ultimate review of this Gelato Weed Strain. This strain's got some serious flavor and aroma. It's like a mix of sweet diesel and berry notes with a citrus tang that'll get you high on life. Let me break it down for ya:

  • Sweet Diesel Aroma – The smell is intense and sweet, just like oil-based fuel mixed with sugar cubes!
  • Cannabis Flavor – Tastes exactly how cannabis should taste; earthy with hints of sweetness too.
  • Berry Notes – There’s definitely some berry tones in there which give it an extra kick to make your mouth water.

This combination creates something unique, unlike any other marijuana strain out there. Not only does it have the power to take away stress after one hit but its smoothness lingers on forever making sure you stay relaxed throughout the day or night. With these flavors combined together, you won't be able to resist taking another puff from this tasty treat! Now let's check out what THC and CBD levels look like in Gelato weed strain…

Thc And Cbd Levels

Aye, so let's get down to the nitty-gritty. Gelato is a hybrid strain with an evenly balanced thc/cbd ratio of 20:1. Its high thc potency and moderate cbd content make it one of the most sought after recreational strains around. Plus, its cannabinoid levels are off da hook! Not only do you get a strong body buzz, but also some mental stimulation as well. And don’t forget about those terpene profiles that give this bud its sweet flavor; they add even more complexity to the experience. So if you're lookin' for something special, then try out this strain – I guarantee ya won't be disappointed! Now onto what makes this weed so great – its effects…

Effects Of The Gelato Strain

Aye yo, what's up y'all? Let's talk about the effects of this legendary Gelato weed strain. This is more than just a good time – it's an experience like no other! It'll have you feeling euphoric and energized, while also calming and sedating your mind at the same time. You'll be uplifted with each puff – that’s why they call it ‘gelato’ man! The strong citrus aroma will make you feel like you're floating on air.

The high starts off slow but builds up quickly to provide a pleasant buzz throughout your body. Your mental clarity will increase as well, allowing for creative thinking and problem solving skills. Plus, its flavors are out of this world – sweet berry notes mixed with hints of lavender and orange zest make this bud unforgettable. The taste alone can put a smile on anyone's face.

If you want to take things further, there are some serious medical benefits too: pain relief from headaches or muscle spasms; improved sleep quality; increased appetite; anti-inflammatory properties which can help reduce swelling in joints; and even anti-anxiety effects due to its mildly tranquilizing nature.

So don't let life pass you by without trying this incredibly special flower – get yourself some Gelato weed strain today! It may not cure all your problems, but it sure makes them seem much easier to deal with… Next up we gotta discuss uses for medical patients – so stay tuned ya heard me?

Uses For Medical Patients

Aiight, so what's up with the Gelato strain an' how it be helpin' medical patients? Well I'll tell ya – this weed is dope. It can help wit all kinds of thangs like relievin' pain and stress, reducing nausea, improvin' appetite, and even treatin' seizures. That's why cannabis has got some serious medicinal benefits fo’ real. An' when it comes to medicatin', Gelato strain ain't no joke.

This potent combination o' indica an’ sativa delivers a mellow yet upliftin' high that helps medical users stay focused on their goals without gettin’ too anxious or stressed out. Plus, it packs enough punch ta make sure you still get some relief from your symptoms. So if yer lookin’ for somethin’ dat offers both relaxation an’ stimulation in one go – then this is the stuff fo’ yo ass!

The effects of medical cannabis vary from person ta person but generally include increased energy levels, improved mental clarity, reduced inflammation an’ anxiety relief. For those sufferin’ from chronic pain or depression, Gelato strain could provide much-needed relief without havin’ ta rely on prescription drugs which often carry side effects such as drowsiness or addiction risk.

An important thing ta remember ‘bout usin’ any type o’ cannabis medicine is dat it won't work wonders overnight; however, with regular consumption over time the results should become more apparent an evident – especially if used in conjunction wit other forms o treatment like physical therapy or talk therapy. Now let's move on and check out potential negative side effects…

Potential Negative Side Effects

Aye yo, so it's time to talk about the potential negative side effects of gettin' high on life with Gelato weed strain. This is an important topic that should definitely not be overlooked if y’all wantin’ to maximize your experience. Y’all know how they say ‘too much of a good thing can ruin it all?’ Well, it’s true in this case too!

First up, let's discuss cannabis use and its potential psychological effects. Overconsumption of any drug has risks associated with it – including marijuana. People who are predisposed to certain mental health issues may find themselves more vulnerable to developing adverse reactions after using large amounts or consuming cannabis frequently over extended periods of time. It's always best ta err on the side of caution when dealing with smokin' weed and such.

Next up: physical impacts from overconsuming Gelato weed strain. Not only does smoking have the potential for respiratory problems, but ingesting edibles can also cause stomachaches and general discomfort if you don't pay attention to dosage limits. The key is moderation – enjoy yourself but don't go overboard!

And lastly, we gotta take into account legal risks since being under the influence can put you in some sticky situations depending on where you're at geographically speaking. So keep an eye out for local laws before lighting up; ignorance isn't bliss here!

Now our discussion on the potential downsides ta livin' life high on Gelato strain comes to an end…and what better way than by segueing right inta how ya consume this stuff without getting wrecked?

How To Consume The Gelato Strain

Y'all ready to get high on life? Well, I'm gonna tell ya how. The Gelato strain is available in many forms so you can enjoy it any way you want. Y'all can vaporize this sticky bud for a smooth and flavorful hit that'll take your elevation up ten notches. You can also smoke the flower straight outta da pipe or roll it into a fat blunt if yer feelin fancy. For those of yer who love to cook with cannabis, grind up some buds and infuse 'em into butter or oil to make edibles like cookies, brownies and gummies—maybe even an ice cream sundae! And don't forget about baking with kief—sprinkle some over fresh-baked goods for a tasty treat dat's sure to have ya happy as heck. With all these options, there ain't no wrong way to consume the Gelato strain. So go ahead and indulge yourself without worryin bout dos consequences. Let loose n be free while getting yo buzz on; just remember moderation when doin da deed cuz too much of anything won't do ya good! Now let's explore where this magical herb is available…

Availability Of The Gelato Strain

Aiight, it's time to break down the availability of this Gelato strain. Where can you find it? Let's start with finding locations where you can cop some for yo' self – dispensaries man! Some states have laws that allow medical and recreational use, but check your local laws first before trying to buy any gelato weed. You also might be able to score some at a cannabis cup or festival near ya'.

If you don't feel like searching around town or going outta state, then buying online is always an option. There are plenty of sites offering up the Gelato strain in seed form as well as clones so keep yer eyes peeled if that's whatchu lookin' for. If neither of those options sound good, then there’s always purchasing from someone who grows their own supply. These days, people grow their own strains all over the place, so do your research and see what folks got goin' on nearby.

Of course, once you've found one of these purchase options make sure you follow the rules when acquiring it! Don’t mess wit' da law and get caught tryna take home more than allowed by regulations cuz ain't no way I'm bailing you outta jail my homie. Now let’s talk about price points fo' da Gelato strain – how much paper money are we talkin'?

Price Points For The Gelato Strain

Aiyyo, if you are lookin' to get your hands on some Gelato weed strain and want to know what it's gonna cost ya', I got the 411. Prices for this delicious strain range depending where you shop but generally stay between $10-$15 a gram. For an eighth of an ounce, that can be as low as twenty-five bucks or up to fifty dollars depending on quality. If money ain't no thang then grab yourself an ounce which is gon' run you around two hundred smackers. But don't worry about breakin' the bank cause there's plenty of mid-priced options available out there too.

Whatever way you go though, make sure you're getting the real deal and not some knock off version because that ain't never cool. So do yo research, find a supplier with good reviews, and sample different varieties before makin' yer final purchase decision. After all, when it comes to cannabis – especially Gelato weed – price doesn't necessarily equal potency so sample wisely my friends! Now let's move onto something even more important: growing tips for home cultivators!

Growing Tips For Home Cultivators

Ayy, if y'all wanna get high on life with the Gelato weed strain, then home cultivators need to know some tips for getting it right. I'm gonna break down what ya'll need to know about growing this dank bud – from understanding the strain genetics, to cultivating plants and harvesting techniques.

First up is identifying the Gelato weed's genetic background. The strain has an indica-dominant hybrid of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) crossed with Sunset Sherbet. Knowing how these two strains combine gives you a better idea of what kind of plant cultivation will be most successful when growing at home.

Next is learning the basics of nurturing your crop during its growth cycle. Whether planting indoors or outdoors, being mindful of temperature and humidity levels while providing enough light and water are all essential elements in a healthy grow process. Also consider factors like soil type and air circulation – as these can make a real difference in whether your buds reach their maximum potential come harvest time!

When it comes to harvesting properly, timing is key. You don't want to cut too early or too late; so look for signs that tell you when those trichomes have reached peak potency – such as changing colours or looking milky white under magnification! Don’t forget trimming the leaves off once you’ve harvested – not only does this give your buds optimal aesthetics but also helps ensure they dry out evenly without moulding over time. And lastly, curing your nugs correctly after drying them out prevents any harshness when smoking later on so make sure you take extra care here!

That's basically it for my homies wanting to cultivate the Gelato weed strain at home – now let's move onto checking out alternatives…

Alternatives To The Gelato Strain

Yup, Gelato is one of the dopest strains out there. But if you're looking for something a bit different to get high on life with, here's some alternatives that are also worth checking out:

  • Sour Diesel – This classic strain packs quite the punch and will leave you feeling energized and inspired. It has citrus-like aromas and flavors that really tickle your taste buds.
  • Blue Dream – If you're after an uplifting experience, then this indica-dominant hybrid might just be what you need. Its sweet berry flavor makes it super delicious too!
  • Granddaddy Purple – A balanced mix of Indica and Sativa genetics make this strain a great choice for those who want to chill out without being overwhelmed by sedation or anxiety. Its grapey aroma will tantalize your senses!

When choosing alternative cannabis strains, pay attention to their genetic makeup as well as their cultivation methods so you know exactly what kind of effects they'll bring to the table. For example, hybrids tend to have more balanced effects than straight sativas or indicas. Different growing environments can also affect how potent each strain becomes – indoor grows typically produce higher THC levels than outdoor ones do. Plus, certain nutrient schedules might influence things like terpene profiles which can change up the flavor profile in addition to its potency level.

And don't forget about edibles either! There are plenty of options available that won't require any actual cannabis cultivation but still deliver a powerful experience when consumed correctly (and safely!). From gummies and chocolates to teas and tinctures, explore all the possibilities before settling on your favorite way to get high on life with gelato weed strain or any other variety of cannabis products.

Safety Guidelines For Using Cannabis Products

Ayyy, y'all ready to get high? Word on the street is that Gelato weed strain is da ultimate way! But before you puff-puff pass and blaze it up, you gots ta know some safety guidelines for using cannabis products. It's all about being aware of the health risks when consuming marijuana.

First off, avoid smoking or vaping if possible. Instead go with edibles, tinctures, and oils since they deliver less toxins than burning plant material. Also be sure to measure out dosages carefully – start small and work your way up according to your tolerance level. Don't mix cannabis use with alcohol cuz these two substances don't always play nice together. If a friend offers ya something stronger like cocaine or ecstasy, better say no thanks cuz those can do serious damage if taken in combination with cannabis consumption.

It's also important not to drive after getting lit up on Gelato weed strain (or any other kinda bud). Even though this particular strain might make ya feel chill and relaxed, it still impairs judgment and reaction time behind the wheel so keep away from steering the car until at least 6 hours have passed by since last hitting the bong. Yup – safety first!

And one more thing: never ever share joints or bongs between strangers as there may be bacteria and germs lurking inside them which could lead to nasty infections down the road. So freshness counts here too yo! Now let’s move onto summing up our ultimate review…

Summary Of The Ultimate Review

It's time to get the lowdown on Gelato Weed Strain, y'all! If you're lookin' for a high that'll take ya to a whole new level of life then this strain is it. In my ultimate review, I'm gonna let ya know why I love this cannabis strain and how it can help improve your day-to-day livin'.

  1. This sweet tasting weed will have ya feelin' relaxed in no time: With its unique flavor profile and effects, Gelato Weed Strain delivers an enjoyable experience every single time. The THC levels range from 15% – 22%, so you won't be too lit or overwhelmed with anxiety. Plus, there aren't many side effects associated with this strain either, makin' it perfect for those who don't wanna suffer any negative consequences while still getting their life high on.
  2. Get ready to enjoy some creativity boost: Unlike other strains which might just make you sleepy, Gelato Weed Strain has been known to increase focus and provide a creative boost as well! Whether you’re writing music or workin' on art projects, this bud packs enough punch to keep your gears movin'.
  3. It's great for socializing: Not only does Gelato Weed Strain give you that chill vibe but it also helps reduce stress and anxiety in social situations too. So whether you’re hanging out at home with friends or goin' out for the night, puffing away on some Gelato Weed will certainly put you in the right mood!

So if ya want an amazing buzz without any of the nasty side effects then Gelato weed is definitely one worth tryin’ out! You won’t regret giving it a spin – trust me when I say that this powerful yet gentle strain will bring ya plenty of satisfaction!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Gelato Strain Suitable For Beginner Users?

Yo, yo! If you're a beginner user considering trying out the Gelato weed strain, then I'm here to tell ya that this is one of them strains that's suitable for all levels. Now let me break it down so you can get an idea of what this stuff is all about.

First off, when it comes to getting high on life with Gelato weed strain, there are some additional benefits that come along with it – not just in terms of its potency and long lasting effects but also in how easy it is for beginners to manage. Plus, its aroma has been described as having sweet notes of lavender and blueberry ice cream which makes it enjoyable even before the effects kick in.

So if you’re looking at tryin’ out something new, here’s why I think the Gelato strain might be right up your alley:

  • Potency: It packs quite a punch while still being manageable enough for newbies.
  • Long Lasting Effects: You'll be able to enjoy these vibes for hours at a time without any worries or harsh comedowns.
  • Aroma: Like I said earlier, the smell alone will make you feel like you've stepped into an ice cream paradise!

Now don't forget that no matter your experience level with cannabis, always start slow and pay attention to how your body responds – especially since different people have different reactions. And if you want more guidance on dosages and such, consult your budtender or doc first. But other than that? The world's yours for the taking when it comes to exploring the wonders of chillin' out with gelato weed stain!

Are There Any Additional Health Benefits Associated With Using The Gelato Strain?

Yo, it's me Snoop Dogg here. Let's talk about the health benefits associated with using the Gelato strain. From what I've heard, this strain has some serious therapeutic effects that can help you get quite a bit of relief from whatever ailment you might be dealing with. Now if y'all ain't aware, Gelato is an indica-dominant hybrid whose parent strains are Thin Mint Cookies and Sunset Sherbet. It smells like sweet berry and candy flavors with hints of diesel fuel and citrusy undertones to boot.

Now let's get down to business – what kinda health benefits will you enjoy by smoking this dank weed? Well first off, many people have reported experiencing stress relief when they use Gelato, along with relaxation and improved sleep quality. On top of that, there are reports that Gelato can offer pain relief for those suffering from chronic or acute aches as well as inflammation. Other potential medical benefits include anxiety reduction, mood enhancement, appetite stimulation and even nausea control in certain cases. Who knew lighting up could do all that?!

I'd also say that the therapeutic effects of using Gelato go beyond just physical symptoms; some users have reported feeling more creative after puffing on some Gelato buds! That means this strain could be great for anyone who needs a little extra inspiration or motivation to work on their art projects or other tasks at hand. So if ya been feelin' stuck lately try smokin' a bowl of this stuff before ya dive into your next project – it could give ya the boost ya need!

And last but certainly not least we gots ta mention how smooth and tasty this bud smokes. Whether its through flower form or concentrates everyone seems ta love the flavor profile offered by Gelato so much they keep comin' back for more! Plus no matter which way you choose to smoke it (outta your old school pipe or modern day vape), you'll still reap all the same medicinal benefits mentioned above without any harshness whatsoever! So why wouldn'tcha want to light one up right now? Get yourself some good ol’ Gelato tonight – don’t miss out on these health perks yo!

How Long Does The Effects Of The Gelato Strain Last?

I'm here to tell ya'll 'bout the effects and duration of that Gelato strain. Now, this stuff is gonna be with you for a while so make sure y'all ready! It's time to take a journey through how long these kicks stay with us. Yup, let's get high on life – but first we needa know about the length of time it lasts.

First off, I gotta mention the symbolism associated with getting lit up like a firework. When you spark up some Gelato, your senses are heightened as if you've been transported into another world; one where anything can happen. This experience gives you an understanding of what being free feels like – just taking in all the different possibilities and living each moment fully. That liberation feeling will last a good amount of time too!

Now when it comes to feelin' those psychoactive effects from the Gelato strain:

  • The first stage takes place right away – your brain starts releasing dopamine which helps bring on intense relaxation and euphoria;
  • Then after around 20 minutes or so, more cannabinoids kick in and amplify those initial feelings;
  • Finally, over the course of 1-3 hours they slowly start fading away until there’s nothing left.

So, overall it looks like them sweet Gelato vibes should stick with you anywhere between 3-4 hours depending on how much you got goin' on inside your head during that period of time. Just remember though that everyone reacts differently so don't expect miracles – just enjoy every second! You deserve it homie! Let yourself drift off into space knowing that no matter what happens next day still gon come round eventually – ain't nothin wrong with livin' for today sometimes!

Are There Any Additional Strains Similar To The Gelato Strain?

Aiite, so you wanna know about the Gelato weed strain and if there's any similar strains? Well I'm here to provide you with the answers.
Ya see, the Gelato strain is a hybrid marijuana strain that has strong indica genetics. It was created by crossing Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies with Sunset Sherbet and it packs quite a punch! This potent strain can make you feel euphoric, relaxed, uplifted and sometimes even creative. But what other strains are like this one?

Well, let me tell ya 'bout a few of them. If you're looking for something similar in terms of effects then check out Wedding Cake or Gorilla Glue #4 – both have strong sedative qualities and they will really help take away your stress and pain. On the flip side if you want something more energizing then try Harlequin or Sour Diesel – these two bring an uplifting cerebral high without being too overwhelming.

Now when it comes to reviews on these different weed strains, people often talk about how each one makes them feel differently but all agree that they still get experienced smokers pretty stoned. Some say that the Gelato strain gives off a sweet taste while others comment on its earthy aroma; either way it seems to be popular among many users due its balance between indica and sativa properties. As for similarities between different weed strains, many report feeling relaxed yet alert after smoking their favorite varieties which suggests that each one contains some kind of calming effect regardless of its genetic makeup.

So those are just some of my thoughts on the current H2: Are There Any Additional Strains Similar To The Gelato Strain? Whether you're looking for something relaxing or stimulating there's likely a cannabis variety out there that will satisfy your needs. Be sure to read up on detailed strain reviews before trying anything new as everyone reacts differently to different types of marijuana!

What Are The Legal Implications Of Using The Gelato Strain In My State?

Aiight, so you want to know what the legal implications of using Gelato strain in yo' state? That's a good question. All I can say is that it depends on where ya livin'. Some states have legalized or decriminalized cannabis possession and use, while others remain strict about its laws. But no matter where ya at, it's important ta keep up on yer local regulations when it comes to smokin' weed.

Now when it comes to Gelato strain legality, there are certain factors ta consider. First off, each state has different laws regardin' medical marijuana and recreational marijuana. It might be legal ta possess an amount of recreational marijuana in one state but still illegal in another. So if ya gonna blaze up some Gelato strain, make sure ya familiar wit tha rules first!

Second, even if yer local regulations allow for recreational or medicinal usage of weed products like the Gelato strain – in other words, legalization – there may still be restrictions as ta how muchcha allowed ta carry with cha at any given time. Not mentionin', many states also limit da numbera dispensaries dat supply certain strains such as Gelato Strain due ta their potency levels n all dat jazz.

Thirdly, keep in mind dat some municipalities within a state may actually come out against statewide law n regulate the sale ‘n possession o’ cannabis products independently from the rest o’ tha state. This could result in tight restrictions even though cannabis is technically legal throughout da whole state; this means checkin’ both statewide ‘n city-level laws before getting high on life with your new favorite herb!

So don't just take my word fo'it: do yo research 'bout the legalities o'Gelato Strain wherever ya live ‘fore gettin' too excited bout sinking yer chompers inta sum dank buds! Knowledge is power after all; once ya got a handle on whatthelaw says round these parts den let the fun begin!


Ayyeee, if you're lookin' for a strain that'll get ya high on life, then the Gelato weed strain is it. It's perfect for beginners and experienced users alike – plus its effects last longer than most strains out there. That means more bang for your buck. Plus, with all them additional health benefits associated wit' it – like increased relaxation and relief from stress – it just makes sense to give it a try.

But yo! Before ya go ahead an' blaze up those nugs, make sure you check the laws in yer state so ya don't end up getting burned. If they ain't legal where ya live, see if any of these other similar strains will do the trick: Wedding Cake, Thin Mints or Sunset Sherbet might be able ta satisfy yer cravings without breakin' da law.

All in all, when I'm feelin' down or need somethin' to relax me after a hard day's work, I always turn to the sweet aroma of my favorite Gelato buds. Ain't no better way to get high on life!