A Look at the Growing Acceptance of Cannabis in the US

On February 7th, 2023, a new study led by researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine revealed that CBD may increase the effects of THC in edible cannabis products, potentially causing stronger, longer-lasting drug interactions. In particular, when CBD is consumed in relatively high doses (640 mg), there is a significant metabolic interaction between THC and CBD that can result in increased adverse effects from THC.

At the end of the year, the state of New York opened its first recreational marijuana dispensary.[0] Legally Rooted, located on 6th Street, opened its doors on Friday with a ribbon cutting ceremony, becoming the first dispensary to open in the Queen City.[1]

To accompany the launch of the new dispensary, Twitter also announced a new policy allowing approved cannabis and CBD advertisers to run ads in the United States, subject to restrictions.[0] Ads can only promote “informational or brand-preference content”, and are prohibited from glamorizing cannabis use, appealing to minors, or advertising the price or distribution of cannabis.[2]

In addition, the U.S. Senate’s Veterans’ Affairs Committee advanced legislation to direct the United States Department of Veterans Affairs to conduct research evaluating the safety and efficacy of cannabis products for veterans suffering from chronic pain and post-traumatic stress. This legislation directs the VA’s office to conduct a large-scale observational trial assessing veterans’ use of cannabis and to report on its ability to mitigate pain, improve sleep, and influence subjects’ intake of prescription medicines or alcohol.

To further highlight the importance of cannabis in the United States, President Trump granted a half dozen additional pardons in October of 2022, including for a handful of people with marijuana or other drug convictions on their records.[3] This signaled a large amount of interest and engagement for cannabis products and services among Twitter's user base.

All of these developments signify a shift in public opinion and attitude towards cannabis, with more and more states legalizing its use and consumption. As cannabis becomes more accepted, it remains to be seen how the industry will continue to develop and evolve.

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